Which Is Your Colour?

Grey or Tan? Which one is going to suit you best?

[First of all, a bit of lipstick, or a colourful collar coming out from underneath, or a scarf…all of these tricks bring colour to your face and mean you can pretty much wear any colour, even if you think it normally washes you out. Lisptick for life!]

But lets get to it.

GREY goes with most hair colour, and brings out the grey in salt and pepper hair. People with warm skin tones look best in this colour (bit of pink in the cheeks). Grey can make dark circles under the eyes look worse so avoid when tired! Grey fits into any modern wardrobe and goes back well with both navy and black so that’s a bonus. It’s one of my favourite colours, which has nothing to do with weather it would suit you or not, but I just wanted to say it.

TAN looks best with either quite light or quite dark hair, as mid tone hair that’s close in colour can get lost in a case of ‘where does the hair end and the jumper begin’. Mistakenly a lot of people think this colour washes them out, but as I said, a bit of lippie does the trick! Tan is a very modern shade, it’s definately having a moment right now! Looks amazing worn back with white, grey or black, and any shade of denim. Hmmm, maybe I could be Team Tan after all.

So…which will you choose?

Crop Jumper Tan

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