Style Watch : Puffy Vest

There’s this thing that guys do when they try on coats and jackets.

I’m not quite sure how to describe it…it looks something like a combination of the following things: starting an old school lawnmower but with both arms at once; rowing in the final 50m of the Olympics; that thing where you wrap your arms around yourself and from the back it looks like someone is hugging you; warming up your arms for a professional boxing match.

It’s to try and see if the coat is constricting. I get it. If you were unfortunate enough to have to mow the lawn or change a tyre in your best double breasted wool coat then I’d say it’s probably going to be a little uncomfortable. Seeing as you’re probably just going to go to work / pub / café and do normal activities, I think you’ll be ok wearing the nice fitted coat.

However, as it turns out there’s another option for the guys who must be ready for vigorous arm movements at all times, and it’s a sartorially appropriate option…lo and behold, the sleeveless puffy vest. Stay warm but have full arm movement. Look great and be ready to row. It’s a win win situation, and perfect weekend gear for all.




Hawk Vest Navy

This puffy vest is like the clothing equivalent of a cosy weekend. With just the right...


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