Style Watch: Denim Mini

Him: [Preparing to mansplain fashion] “Short skirts are back”

Her: [Looking coy] “Are they?”

Him: [Pouring a coffee, and being obnoxious] “You know, you used to look great in a mini”

Her: [Still looking coy] “Did I?”

[She stands up, looking fire AF in her mini. He spills coffee everywhere. Evidently he is punching above his weight and now he has coffee all over himself. Sucked in. The End]

LOL tell me you remember that ad! If you do then you were around in 1991 when sexist idiots like this coffee dude had air time on TV (hang on a minute…) and you remember short skirts being back. Fast forward to now and everything that was good in the 90’s is good again (apparently) and that includes short skirts. Cue this awesome denim one.

Paired back with a sleek bomber and boots, this nod to the 90’s looks perfect for now, don’t you think?

And you know what else? I bet you look great in a mini, but if you make me spill my coffee I will lose it because it ain’t 1991 anymore and my coffee costs a bomb.



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