Spotlight on Le Specs

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Chances are that if you were around in the 80’s in Australia, you owned (or at least coveted) a pair of Le Specs. Remember the catch phrase “Le Specs, Le Tough”?

Fast forward to 2017 and Le Specs is going stronger than ever. It’s hard to look at Instagram without seeing the likes of the Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber, Rihanna, the Jenners, the Hadids and countless other celebrities and stylish people wearing the latest Le Specs.

It’s virtually impossible to pinpoint one favourite thing about Le Specs : the proper UV protection; the endlessly cool styles their designers come up with; the new designer colabs; the beyond reasonable price; the brilliant little case they come in…where does it stop?

If you need any more reasons than that to satisfy your sunglasses requirements then you may actually never be happy. When I was a kid I was always trying them on in the shops but never owned a pair so now I own at least 5 pairs. Catch me channelling my inner celebrity and chilling in my Le Specs all Summer long.

Arcadia Matte Black

A classic square silhouette. A stylish look for this summer, these unisex sunglasses...


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Neptune Gold

These classic square shape sunglasses are a great unisex look for summer. Nineties...


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Subdimension Black Tort

A classic silhouette, with a modern flat brow. A sharp look for this summer, these unisex...


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