Give Thanks


May 11, 2017

My mum is awesome. She is feisty and funny; she makes me feel better when I have problems; and I inherited both my love of terrible pop music and my thick shiny hair from her, so she has basically taught me life’s balance.

My best friend is awesome. She is gentle and patient; she plays cars on the floor and unbegrudgingly displays the endless Lego on the bench next to her collection of contemporary Australian art and designer lamps; and she has passed on to her son an infectious laugh and a love of swimming.

My nephew’s mum is awesome. She is attentive and thoughtful; she sings songs beautifully and happily listens to endless nursery rhymes in the car; and she has taught her son about his funny aunty that lives far away so he won’t forget me.

That is just 3 of the many wonderful and amazing mothers that I know. You know hundreds of them too, they’re everywhere! To all the mums, grandmas, stepmums, foster mums, mother figures, dads who are mums too…let’s say thank you for doing so much…for looking after all the kids, big and small. They’re awesome! Let them know how much they mean to you.

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