Fifteen Years HOLY MOLY


August 4, 2017

Did you know we’ve been here for 15 YEARS this year???

That’s friggen INSANE!!!

Apologies for the outburst, but I’m kind of shocked! I mean, I knew about it and everything, but time just flew by and next minute it’s 15 years later and there’s Netflix and iPhones and YouTube and Instagram and all kinds of constant distractions and I’m distracted, ok? Jeez.

I can only imagine your shock at this news, you know, because we are obviously soooo young and what-not.

So now that you’ve stopped trying to work out how old we are (stop it), you can maybe just read all bout us and the shop on the imaginatively named “About Us” page.

Hooray for us! Never thought we’d make it this far, because nobody ever thinks 15 years into the future.

And hooray for you for keeping us here. Solid effort!! Thank you.