Give Thanks

May 11, 2017

My mum is awesome. She is feisty and funny; she makes me feel better when I have problems; and I inherited both my love of terrible pop music and my thick shiny hair from her, so she has basically taught me life's balance. My best friend is awesome. She is gentle and

Never Take It Off

May 4, 2017

Made from virtually indestructible shipping rope in stunning colour combinations, PIG AND HEN bracelets are manly and durable and look the bomb. They literally need never come off as they can be worn in salt water...if it's good enough for a ship then it's good enough fo

Snappy New Arrivals

April 30, 2017

Whilst I sit at my desk I can see people admiring all the loot in our shop window. It's so nice to know people like what we have, and the displays we stuff around with for hours trying to get right. I don't even mind windexing all the face and finger prints off the glas

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