Which Is Your Colour?

June 16, 2017

Grey or Tan? Which one is going to suit you best? [First of all, a bit of lipstick, or a colourful collar coming out from underneath, or a scarf...all of these tricks bring colour to your face and mean you can pretty much wear any colour, even if you think it normally wa

Style Watch : Puffy Vest

June 10, 2017

There's this thing that guys do when they try on coats and jackets. I'm not quite sure how to describe looks something like a combination of the following things: starting an old school lawnmower but with both arms at once; rowing in the final 50m of the Olympic

Style Watch: Denim Mini

June 6, 2017

Him: [Preparing to mansplain fashion] "Short skirts are back" Her: [Looking coy] "Are they?" Him: [Pouring a coffee, and being obnoxious] "You know, you used to look great in a mini" Her: [Still looking coy] "Did I?" [She stands up, looking fire AF in her mini.

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