Baggage (not the emotional kind, the good kind)


August 10, 2017

Epic BAG SALE this weekend in store. First dibs for you this Friday!

Prices Start at $50.

Messenger Bags | Tote Bags | Backpacks | Duffel Bags


I am so excited for out amazing BAG SALE this weekend, the bags are super cool and such amazing quality. We are clearing them on behalf of the distributor at less than cost! Like, you’re totally going to struggle with choosing only one! Kyle and I have already bagsed a couple (haha, bagsed).

Beautiful styles in nylon, leather and canvas from Swedish brand ENTER ACCESSORIES.

In store only this weekend (sorry internet shoppers!).

1453320_980506962020372_1932588000652461074_n 11898540_909218739149195_7756836845500429969_n 12219354_953399144731154_3293386099528156936_n 12507624_985055078232227_8335160192056083230_n 15284162_1272166932854372_8896761992765754809_n 15284825_1274463502624715_6044263098945676145_n 16681917_1379212788816452_3013417620128782965_n 16807824_1382692181801846_845843995417319498_n 17523712_1443641885706875_429015579884328911_n 19149211_1534329749971421_2633426406354072560_n 19260519_1538243452913384_8528146633706541918_n 19260556_1546127645458298_5219750396991339002_n 19399074_1542731169131279_3160779161131675388_n 20479598_1593475377390191_7449303354479277325_nOur trusty subscribers get first dibs starting this Friday at 10.30am.

We have all of the bags pictured plus many more.